First Impressions: Odacite Black Mint Cleanser


Our friends at Odacite graciously sent us their new Black Mint Cleanser. We both had time to test it with our different skin types. Here are our thoughts:

Anna Marie: I wasn’t so sure what to expect from a clay foaming cleanser, but this is actually quite lovely. Odacite is a brand by Valerie Grandury that fuses “french luxurious skincare with green California living.” I can definitely see this in this cleanser. I was surprised how well the pump works given that it has clay in it (make sure to shake it first!). It’s a bit runny, but does foam up. The minty-ness isn’t subtle….it’s definitely a wake-me-up scent, which I love.
On my pH testing, it comes in between 5.7-6, but wasn’t too drying on my skin–but I can see how it can be disruptive to my very sensitive skin barrier with prolonged use. The description says it’s good for those with oily, combination, and normal skin. I would definitely agree with this, especially with its ingredients of rhassoul clay and tea tree leaf oil.
So where would I see myself using this? On those mornings when I need a quick wake me up (this mint is no joke!). This would work as an AM cleanse or second cleanse in the summer months. I would happily take this on warm weather beach vacations–I think it would be perfect for taking the sea salt and sand off!

Hilarie: as someone with combo-oily skin, the description of this cleanser seemed right up my ally. I tested for a week and used both as my morning cleanse and second cleanse in the evening.  I adore the scent! It is fresh and definitely a “pick me up.” The tingling once rinsed was also lovely. The consistency of the product is very nice. Runny at first, but lathers quickly. It worked well on both wet and dry skin.
Face felt clean, but not stripped (at first). After a few days of using twice daily, my skin started to dry out. I’m usually very balanced, but after three days, my skin just felt off. So, how would I use this? I would not use daily, but maybe 3x weekly. I am excited to go back to this in the summer. I could see the potency of this cleanser being a huge help to my skin at that time.

First Impressions: iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser


We are finally on a review roll! Here are our thoughts on @isclinical warming honey cleanser:
Anna Marie: I purchased this several months ago because of @talesofskincare had a lovely review.
This cleanser smells and feels like honey. It’s a bit gloopy going on, and takes a bit of work massaging onto dry skin. I don’t get any warming effects. Once I add water, it easily thins out and rinses cleanly. My skin is soft and hydrated. This doesn’t remove makeup at all. My favorite way to use this is to put it on and hop in the shower, let the honey and gentle fruit enzymes go to work. This was 32£ @victoriahealth This is a well priced almost #greenbeauty feeling cleanser!
Hilarie: Anna Marie sampled me the iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser a few weeks back. I had a few cleansers that I was testing and she kept reminding me that I had to try THIS one asap! We both loved the Cleansing Complex (we reviewed that a while back), so I was eager to delve further into this brand.
I first used it for my morning cleanse (on dry skin). What initially stood out was the thick, luxe consistency. It was very easy to massage across face and upper neck area, rinsed clean and my combo-oily skin felt balanced, hydrated and soft. As a “deep cleansing” cleanser, these immediate benefits are really important to me. In the evening, I used an oil for first cleanse (#parsleycleansingoil by #aesopskincare ) and then applied this cleanser to DRY skin. The benefits that I saw in the morning, repeated in the evening and set the stage for both (full) routines.
I have to say, I love this cleanser! I did not notice the warming effects, but I don’t care. It was a lovely treat for my skin and I will absolutely purchase my own. This and the @januarylabs cleanser have been a wonderful addition to my skincare routine.

First Impressions: JKosmmune Skincare


We were so excited to try @jkosmmune_cosmetics—they generously sent us their serum and samples of their other products, including a new shampoo meant for oily hair.

Enzyme Cleansing Powder
As I’ve stated in previous reviews, I’m not a huge fan of water activated powder cleansers. I struggle with the ratios and ultimately, give up. I was expecting much of the same with this, but was pleasantly surprised! I tossed a few drops of water into the powder (in my hand) and built up a slight lather before applying to face. Lather felt effective, it washed clean and did not strip my combo-oily skin. I found this very nice primarily as a morning cleanser, but also as second cleanse in the evening. These little packets will be perfect for upcoming travel.

Lotion for Normal to Oily Skin
My goals for moisturizer are simple: hydrate, keep me dewy and layer well with oils and under sunscreen/complexion products. I only used this lotion during the day and I found that it was a match for my goals in this category. Also, we’ve had unusually mild weather and even with the low to high temps, this kept my skin balanced and I never looked like an oil slick!

I used this serum as part of my morning routine. I primarily used it as a layer of hydration following cleansing and toning. It applied well to skin and additional products layered well on top of it. I think for my skin, the main benefit is hydration (vs pore minimizing, elasticity, etc). I prefer a hyaluronic acid for this step, but this product helped keep my skin balanced throughout the day.

Shampoo for Normal Hair
This was the only miss in the products that I tried. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. I have an oily scalp and I do cleanse my hair every other day. First time I used this, I applied my usual post-cleansing products. Result? My hair was like an oil slick. Second and third time, I skipped additional products and hair was less oily, but very dull and flat. I am going to have Anna Marie try this sample to see if it works better for her.

Anna Marie:

When JKosmmune offered to send us some products I was super excited as I have read about beta gluten, and have used some products containing this ingredient. Beta Glucan is hydrating and penetrates the Skin and can be soothing and anti inflammatory.

Serum: This serum also contains purslane and centella, also skin soothing ingredients!
Serum: adore this serum. I’ve been using this daily and sometimes twice daily. It’s light and nonsticky. I find it a wonderful addition for my dry winter skin. I haven’t used it long enough to comment on the rest of the skin effects, but I will definitely be finishing this bottle!! The texture reminds me of MMHC.

Shampoo: another standout for me was the shampoo. Again, my hair is very dry and processed. This shampoo starts very watery and works into a nice lather. I would not use too much as it can weigh the hair down-but I find that even with a lighter conditioner my hair is in great shape.

Enzyme Cleansing Powder: the enzyme cleansing powder reminds me of @amorepacific powder cleanser. It’s light and lovely, lighting foaming. As @beauty_unplugged Commented, despite being foamy, it doesn’t dry out the skin! I do love the packaging for on-the-go cleansing. I’m so glad I got to try some more beta glucan products!