NARS Skincare: Brand Overview


As many of you know, I am a “slight” #narsaddict At the end of last year, I decided to plunge further into the brand and purchase some of their skincare. I purchased the Gentle Cream Cleanser ($29) and the Aqua Gel Luminous Mask ($39). Shortly after, April @narsfreehold reached out and kindly sent both of us samples of the entire line, so we could test everything. April, again, thank you! Here are our thoughts:

💦Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer & Luminous Moisture Cream-I found both of these effective while traveling a few weeks ago. The gel was light enough for my combo-oily skin and kept things balanced during the day. I used my #nars cushion over it and it applied well. The luminous cream kept my skin well-hydrated overnight and was a nice “blanket” to my PM oils. I’m not sure (for either) that I picked up on a luminosity increase, but from a hydration standpoint, both were effective on my skin.

💦Total Replenishing Eye Cream-my goals with eye cream are simple: hydrate, mitigate puffiness and help prevent/reduce fine lines. I found this effective, but there are others that I love a bit more.

💦Multi-Action Hydrating Toner-this alcohol-free toner was fine, but did not wow me. I’m very partial to my #perriconemdtoner and have yet to find one that is better (for my skin).

💦Double Refining Exfoliator-I used this on my neck and chest because I am a long-time chemical exfoliator. I am very careful about adding an additional layer of exfoliation to my skin. This was a gentle scrub and for where I used it, I liked it.

💦Aqua Gel Luminous Mask-I really liked this! I adore masks that you can leave on overnight. Skin was soft and nicely hydrated after each use.

💦Gentle Cream Cleanser-this was my only dislike of the line. My skin never felt clean and there was a heaviness to it that I didn’t like (for my skin). My skin reacted fine, but I won’t be finishing the bottle.

Anna Marie: there are a few hits and misses in this collection, and frankly, #nars excels at makeup more than they do at skincare. As these were samples, I went on various websites to look for ingredients (they are not even listed on their own). Note: April provided us with topline ingredients and Hilarie recycled packaging a while ago. Nars highlights “synthetic fragrance free”–but all of their products contain “parfum”–and fairly high on the ingredient lists. They are all pleasant smelling, and nothing is overpowering, but this always makes my easily irritated skin a little wary. Amazingly, nothing irritated my skin.

💦Luminous Moisture Cream: it’s creamy but easily absorbed into my skin, didn’t cause any breakouts after several days of use, and nicely hydrated my skin (I used this at night). There are some emollient and hydrating ingredients that worked well for me.
💦Toner: a nice toner that has some hydrating and mildly exfoliating ingredients. a nice prep for the next steps in skincare.

💦Aqua Gel Moisturizer: lightly scented and worked well for me under makeup during the day.

💦Optimal Brightening Concentrate: lots of good extracts and ferments in here, but it’s quite low on the list. I think the brightening comes from the mica/sparkly that’s in the concentrate.
💦Cream Cleanser: this is a cream cleanser that while it did not strip my skin, I never felt it was completely clean.

The packaging is gorgeous. nothing was offensive, but nothing screamed to me, must repurchase. Personally, I would spend my money on a few audacious lipsticks and foundations.

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